The WPS-BC200 parking system has a new feature for additional customer service and / or providing additional functional information.

Parkview is based on the already existing standard hardware / software of the WPS-BC200 system. This means that the standard hardware (entry terminals, exit terminals and pay on foot terminals) can be used. However, the standard display will be replaced by a 10,4″ advanced TFT screen: the PVD (Parkview Display).

The PVD is divided into four segments. Each segment has its specific function:

  • Parking Information
  • Payment Information
  • Video
  • Commercial Purposes / Informative Purposes

Parkview can be applied without Parkvision but in many cases integration will take place.

Parkview Fact Sheet


In the office / control room of a typical parking operation you will often find several partial systems being managed, including parking, intercom and security (CCTV) systems.

Quite often these systems are supplied by several different companies, which can mean a lot of equipment in one room.

Parkvision was developed by WPS in order to integrate all of these different systems, and to manage them all by means of one user interface. This interface consists of a depiction of the individual objects (cameras, barrier gates, intercoms etc) that are managed on a representative map of the location. Individual components are operated with the click of the mouse or, optionally through a touch screen.

Integration of the different systems used in a typical parking operation offers the following advantages:

  • Ease of operation and efficient management of systems
  • Faster transactions
  • Single source supplier for all partial systems (WPS)
  • WPS can supply, install and maintain each partial system
  • WPS can provide total service and maintenance

Parkvision can be applied locally in individual parking management offices, or remotely at one central management office that controls several sites, or a combination of these. Communication between local and central management offices can occur via several different transmission media depending on existing infrastructure and individual requirements. Management of a parking facility is increasingly done locally during the daytime and remotely at night. Therefore, labor savings can be realized with a smaller number of people managing / operating multiple locations. Parkvision offers the opportunity to integrate your operation simply and effectively.

Parkvision Fact Sheet